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“After the success of this training when I needed a one session for a driver I did not hesitate to contact Nick…”

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Did you know?

In total, 6,375 drivers underwent SAFED training.

3,121 of the drivers trained worked for companies employing less than 50 employees.

MPG data was available for 6,179 drivers. Of the 6,179 drivers, an average improvement in MPG of 10.01% was recorded.

Gear change figures were available for 6,043 drivers. Of the 6,043 drivers there was an average reduction in gear changes of 36.9%.

Data was collected from 6,326 drivers on the length of time taken to complete the first and second run. The data shows that there was an average decrease in the time taken to complete the second run of 0.92%. This shows that safe and fuel-efficient driving does not add extra time to journeys.