Sub Contract Fleet Driver Training
In almost 20 years of driver training, I’ve worked with clients directly and also as a contracted consultant for road management companies offering fleet training.
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Operating as an integral part of a business’ framework, I provide a comprehensive and flexible fleet driver training service, fitting in with overall budget and time constraints and producing detailed result evaluations and reports in both written and digital format.

I’m based in the North West but am happy to travel to further UK locations with suitable notice and accommodation provisions. Successful recent projects include work completed in Lincolnshire and North Yorkshire.

Benefits of Highways Driver Training subcontractor service
  • Reliable and prompt service
  • Detailed assessment available
  • Added value to business
  • Cost savings
  • Time, fuel, vehicle maintenance savings
  • No unexplained or inflated charges
  • Avoid legal disputes

The Duty of Care Act is a piece of UK legislation that requires businesses with more than five employees using vehicles for work to provide driver training. Highways Driver Training is able to offer dependable instruction in how to avoid accidents and the threat of legal action or convictions.

As business needs and driver training requirements are affected and changed by economical and political factors, I continually aim to improve the standard and range of services I offer, by attending relevant training courses and gaining appropriate advanced qualifications.

I recently achieved NVQ levels One and Two in Fleet Driver Training.


Other formal qualifications are detailed below.

  • DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (Grade 6 at present)
  • DVSA Approved Fleet Driver Trainer
  • RoSPA Fleet Trainer
  • RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction
  • SAFED Approved Trainer

To discuss subcontracting services or any other fleet driver training requirements, please contact me.


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“After the success of this training when I needed a one session for a driver I did not hesitate to contact Nick…”

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Did you know?

In total, 6,375 drivers underwent SAFED training.

3,121 of the drivers trained worked for companies employing less than 50 employees.

MPG data was available for 6,179 drivers. Of the 6,179 drivers, an average improvement in MPG of 10.01% was recorded.

Gear change figures were available for 6,043 drivers. Of the 6,043 drivers there was an average reduction in gear changes of 36.9%.

Data was collected from 6,326 drivers on the length of time taken to complete the first and second run. The data shows that there was an average decrease in the time taken to complete the second run of 0.92%. This shows that safe and fuel-efficient driving does not add extra time to journeys.