Subsidised Ecodriving Training

Ecodriving is a driving style that reduces fuel bills, cuts carbon emissions and lowers accident rates. The techniques taught are straightforward and subsidised training is available for all business drivers.

Energy Saving Trust’s subsidised Ecodriving training for fleets covers cars and vans, provided by training companies such as ourselves, is based on extensive research into the technical and behavioural aspects of reducing fuel consumption.

If you’re a business owner (however large or small) that uses vehicles (cars & vans) as part of your day to day business activates, then you may have a fleet of vehicles (or just a few) which means that fuel and vehicle maintenance represents a substantial business overhead for your company.

Reducing the amount of fuel used by your company vehicles could lead to a measurable saving for your business, which could lower your operating costs.  Why not consider sending your drivers on an eco driving course?


There are many benefits to businesses that can be derived from providing eco driver training for fleet drivers:

  • Driving in a safe and environment friendly manner can lead to reductions in fuel bills of between 10% and 30%.
  • Eco-friendly driving practices will also improve tyre and brake life which can bring about a reduction in maintenance and repair costs for your fleet.
  • Eco friendly driving is safer driving and will lead to a reduction in collisions and the risk of collisions.  This will mean a reduction in insurance claims by your company and could result in lower insurance premiums.
  • Providing eco friendly driver training for your staff is a great way of showing that you care about their wellbeing – a great opportunity to raise morale in the workplace.


Eco driver training will not only benefit you and your business, it will bring benefits to the employees who undergo the training too.  They can put what they learn into practice when driving their own personal vehicles too and benefit from:

  • Less stress while driving
  • Reduced fuel consumption with fewer (and cheaper) trips to the petrol station
  • An increase in tyre and brake life
  • Fewer insurance claims meaning lower premiums
  • Lower on-going maintenance costs and the vehicle holding its value for longer

How does the Ecodriving scheme work?

Because of the Energy Saving Trust subsidy, the Eco training cost per driver is reduced to just £35 (inc. VAT).

A higher level of subsidy is currently available for training using pure electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. If a company has hybrid or electric cars/vans then the subsidy could be as high 100% of the training costs – meaning that drivers can receive their Ecodriver training absolutely free of charge.

Contact us today to arrange your Ecodriver training, and start saving £££’s on your vehicle costs!