Highways Driver Training
Our driving ambition is to help you save money and keep your people safe

Highways Driver Training enables customers to save significant amounts of money and fuel – while reducing carbon emissions and driver accidents.

Significant benefits delivered by our courses include:

  • Lower vehicle maintenance costs
  • Less downtime for staff
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Cheaper insurance premiums
  • Improved corporate image

More than 20 years’ experience of providing first-class fleet training and driving courses.

How we can cut your fleet costs by ten per cent or more

Our advanced driver training programmes – tailored exactly to your needs – mean your fleet’s fuel consumption and operating costs could be reduced by ten per cent or more.

Our highly experienced professional instructors train your drivers in safe and fuel-efficient driving techniques that allow them to make major contributions to your savings.

For every 1 mph reduction in average speed, accident frequency is reduced by five per cent and our driver training in correct speed-use can mean the difference between a profitable operation and a commercial calamity.

Numbers speak louder than words – take a look

An important part of our service offer is SAFED – Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving. Official SAFED figures speak for themselves:

  • 3,121 of the 6,375 drivers who undertook training in the Safed programme worked for companies employing less than 50 employees
  • Mpg data for 6,179 drivers showed an average improvement in mpg of 10.01%
  • Gear change figures for 6,043 drivers indicated an average reduction in gear changes of 36.9%
  • Data was collected from 6,326 drivers on the length of time taken to complete the first and second run. The data shows that there was an average decrease in the time taken to complete the second run of 0.92%. This shows that safe and fuel-efficient driving does not add extra time to journeys.

To find out how we can help you to save operating costs and carbon emissions, call us today on 07973 724 414 or send an email to nick@highwaysdrivertraining.co.uk