Our core values of high customer service levels and efficient delivery of bespoke training courses is reflected in the feedback we receive from our clients.

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Holiday Cottages Group

“We were introduced to Nick by the Energy Saving Trust, as a company we have a desire to be as ‘green’ as possible.

“Therefore we arranged for Nick to provide our Head Office based employees with efficient driving training, not only did Nick teach us about how to save fuel and be as environmentally friendly as possible he also gave the team tips on how to ensure that they were safe and compliant with all road laws.

“After the success of this training when I needed a one session for a driver I did not hesitate to contact Nick who provided dedicated time to the individual and addressed the concerns we had with a comprehensive training plan and outcome report.”

Sarah Rogan – HR Manager
Holiday Cottages Group

Blackpool Coastal Housing

“Following Health and Safety risk assessments, benchmarking with other organisations and consultation with our staff, it was agreed that all our operational staff who drive a BCH vehicle would be required to complete the above course successfully.

“I confirm that Nick Hayward carried out all the training for approximately 45 trade operatives in a very professional manner.

“Mr Hayward was consistent in his approach and completed the course in a timely manner. The feedback from our staff has been extremely positive and I would highly recommend Mr Hayward’s services to any other organisation considering a similar scheme.”

Ian Butterworth – Operations Manager
Blackpool Coastal Housing

Speakmans Construction Company, Cheetham

“I confirm that Nick Hayward is regularly employed as our driving instructor within the peakway construction Group of which Speakmans Ltd is just one company.

“He is responsible for the delivering the Safe and Fuel Efficient Driver Training across the group (approximately 200 drivers) and has been for well over a year, during which time he has demonstrated that he is very dependable and he continued to deliver a very high standard of training relying on his relaxed but very professional manner which has resulted in him constantly achieving good results and delivering all expectations to the group.

“It is because of these attributes that I have no hesitation in recommending Nick Hayward to you.”

Tim O’ Donnell
Group Health and Safety Manager.


“Nick runs training courses for us based around the Safed guidelines and has been ongoing since 2006.

“The training centres around safe driving and obtaining fuel efficiencies through vehicle road positioning speed awareness, gear selection, and road awareness. In total 50 drivers were trained. Positive feedback was received from both employees and operations management in both the how the training was conducted and the content.

“The training has been beneficial to both the staff and company were we have seen a reduction in the fuel usage across all vehicles.”

Mark Molnar
Managing Director

Community Gateway Association

“While we only operate a small fleet of vehicles a decision was taken to implement a programme of driver training. As there is a focus on both safety and fuel efficiency, the Safed course was considered to be the most appropriate type of training for our particular needs.

“Nick Hayward has recently completed a programme of training for all of our company vehicle drivers and this has been well received by all concerned. The potential for fuel savings has been clearly established and all of the driver now have a good understanding of the techniques.

“Throughout the programme we have been kept well informed of progress and any issues arising, in addition to receiving a detailed summary of performance.”

Mr John Bennet
Health, Safety & Environmental Manager
Community Gateway Association – Preston

Frontier MEDEX

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nick at the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia. He is a motivated, confident and professional individual, with a wealth of experience in his field, coupled with the right sense of humour to ensure good working relationships are formed with colleagues and client alike. I hope I get the opportunity to working with Nick again in the future.”

Mr Bill Spencer
Land Transport Advisor

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Did you know?

In total, 6,375 drivers underwent SAFED training.

3,121 of the drivers trained worked for companies employing less than 50 employees.

MPG data was available for 6,179 drivers. Of the 6,179 drivers, an average improvement in MPG of 10.01% was recorded.

Gear change figures were available for 6,043 drivers. Of the 6,043 drivers there was an average reduction in gear changes of 36.9%.

Data was collected from 6,326 drivers on the length of time taken to complete the first and second run. The data shows that there was an average decrease in the time taken to complete the second run of 0.92%. This shows that safe and fuel-efficient driving does not add extra time to journeys.