Key Benefits
Harnessing driver training to boost your bottom line

Official figures show that more than 90% of road traffic accidents are driver-related – the majority being rear-end shunts. Driver attitudes and lack of awareness are largely to blame.

Workplace driver training takes a practical and cost effective approach to tackling these issues. As a result, your business will become more profitable, your operations more efficient, and your staff more motivated.

The catastrophic consequences of legal non-compliance

Just as importantly, organisations with five or more staff using vehicles for work have a legal duty of care. Ignoring this obligation has potentially ruinous implications.

In the worst case, a company’s directors could be charged with manslaughter and – if found guilty – face prison or fines that could sink the business.

Five reasons why driver training is vital to business success

Accredited workplace driver training can:

  1. Reduce wear and tear on vehicle components, resulting in cost savings
  2. Raise driver awareness, leading to better road safety
  3. Lower Insurance costs
  4. Cut fuel bills
  5. Increase mpg
Motorway Driver Training

We are fortunate to have a wide network of motorways in our region, including the M65, M55, M6, M60 and M62). However, to some drivers these efficient transport links are out of bounds.

Motorway tuition has never been part of driving test tuition and if you have never driven on a motorway you will be understandably hesitant.

We offer dedicated motorway tuition for your staff, using professional skills to develop their experience and confidence so they can work more productively and effectively.

Find your confidence again with Driving Refresher courses

Employees who have not driven for a long while, or lack confidence due to a recent road accident can benefit from our Driving Refresher courses.

We take the time to get to know the individual involved and structure the course around his or her specific needs.

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“After the success of this training when I needed a one session for a driver I did not hesitate to contact Nick…”

“The feedback from our staff has been extremely positive and I would highly recommend Mr Hayward’s services to any other organisation…”

“The training has been beneficial to both the staff and company were we have seen a reduction in the fuel usage across all vehicles…”
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